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01 / A1 gateway (version) 6:19 

02 / A2 gateway (version 2)  4:26

03 / B1 influence (regis mix) 4:24

04 / B2 turn (version) 4:46


12" / digital

written and produced by conrad pack

b1 additional production and remix: karl o'connor

mastered and cut by mike grinser at manmade

© 2023 lostdomain / doma world psoriasis

NB: if you purchase 12" from elsewhere and require DL code, contact us 

somehow they bring part of my body>>>

from the future>>>

from after my death>>>

strange to touch my own flesh>>>

my skin is softer than i imagined>>>

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 15_edited.png
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