When you email me and say you've seen me on the train again, I don't know how to answer you. Those people you see aren't me.

I thought you weren't going to send any more video? I thought we agreed that? This stuff is just so dark and blurry it could be anybody. It doesn't even look like the inside of a train, which is what you say in your mail, 'I took this on the Central Line in the rush hour yesterday morning.' No you didn't, Julie, because you're always at work before the rush hour starts. Anyway it just doesn't look like a train. The seats are wrong.

I don't care that you've started following people again. You'll get in trouble for it the way you did before. Don't blame me. I could feel sympathy for you the first time because you were hurt. Anyone can be hurt, and we often do unpredictable things because of it. But you weren't that hurt, and in the end just nobody believed what you said you saw.

Another thing, I never travel on the Central Line now anyway.

The sound file that came along with the video is wrong too. Tube trains don't sound like that. It sounds like somebody making a noise into a pipe. Some child. I don't think it's clever, you making a noise like that to imitate the noise of a train when it doesn't sound anything like it.