What the hell was it? From what they could see it had the head of a huge shark, and the body of a – what? The body was black, bigger than the largest fat man you've ever seen. Those things might have been legs, or were they fins or tentacles? 'Looks like a damned donkey,' said one. 'Half fish, half ass!' The mouth worked, flashing rows of teeth, the head started to move from side to side, the men stood well back. Herring lay over it and about it. The body began to rock, throwing off the herring.

And then, in a sudden spasm of monumental power, the creature jerked into the air and towards the side of the boat, pulling the net with it, upending the fishermen on the slimy deck. The creature nearly capsized the boat but the fishermen caught the net, dragged it back and set about it with the iron crank handle and pieces of wood. 'Stop!' the skipper ordered when they had quelled the thing. 'Leave it be now.' For he had an idea, and like a torturer who doesn't want to be found out, he was concerned for the looks of his victim. All the rest of that long night, as they pulled in the herring nets, they kept an eye on the hideous creature in the corner of the deck as it flapped and writhed, taking its eternity to die.